Silver Lake Fabrication has been around since the begining of time, which was 2005. The shop was started by Aaron Leclerc in a small single garage bay on Silver Lake in Belomont, NH where he repaired tractor parts and ipliments. The business has grown and transformed quite a bit since then. For years, we built a line of tractor impliments, have a done a mess of custom fabrication and machine work for customers, and have built up our skills and collection of shop equipment. In 2014 we built a new larger shop in Concord, NH and promptly filled it right up. In the Spring of 2018, we discontinued our line of snow plows to be able to focus on our core customers, and then in 2019 we stopped building steel products to be able to focus on our real passion.

Our real passion is and always has been aluminum. The steel tractor, forklift, and truck accessories paid the bills, but that was not where we wanted to go with this business. We now work primarily with aluminum and have a handful of corporate customers that keep us VERY busy. In late Winter 2019, we also decided to follow our dream and moved forward with the development of small pontoon boats. We developed bolt-together kits and have that product line on the tinypontoonboats.com web site. We know that this is a departure from the our prior primary business, but we decided that it was time to build something fun. Our kits have done well, and as of late Winter 2020, we are working on development of two complete pontoon boat models. At this time, we hope to be able to release our two complete boat models as 2021 models. Stay tuned for that!

We are currently accepting very little repair work (only aluminum) and no custom fabrication work outside of our product lines. We are needing to pass on this work in order to focus on our pontoon boat business and service our current corporate customers. At this time, we do offer a few tractor related products, including our line of tractor covers and quick attach plates, but do not forsee expanding our tractor accessory line-up. If you keep an eye on us, you will also notice that our line of product offerings for boats will be expanding. In 2020, we intend to be releasing more exciting news about our growing business boat business. If you'd like to follow our story, please click on the banner below to visit our FaceBook page. To see what we have going on in our boat business, please visit the TinyPontoonBoats.com web site by clicking on the large picture below.