Silver Lake Fabrication offers clamp-on tractor bucket snow plows with a built in float feature. We also offer stand-alone clamp-on snow plow brackets for those looking to use an existing 2-ear truck snow plow. These plows are inted for tractor loaders without a hydraulic float feature and/or tractors loaders with over a 1500 pound lift capacity. We start with our time tested clamp-on mounting bracket specifically designed for your bucket to ensure proper fit (required dimensions specified below) and attach it to our heavy-duty fabricated manual angle A-frame snow plow. The plow bracket itself uses a heavy-duty dual clamp design with 3" clamping disks and a 1" Acme threaded rod, which provides a little bit of play in case the bottom of your bucket isn't perfectly flat. The bracket attaches to our fabricated A-frame with two 0.75" diameter pins and is held up with a heavy-duty D-ring strap (10,000 pound breaking strength) to allow you to pickup the plow and have a little give when you're driving over bumps. Our fabricated plow has a full-on frame with a 14 gage steel sheet front. All the plates on our plows with float are laser cut 3/8" and 1/2" thick steel to ensure proper fitment and the highest quality.

As with all of our snow plows, this line of plows come standard with a super durable baked on semi-gloss black urethane powdercoat finish that provides a long life and a slippery surface for the blade itself. Before the coating occurs, all parts receive a thorough sandblasting blasting and cleaning to ensure a perfect surface for proper adhesion. The pricing provided below is with our standard semi-gloss black finish, but if you want your plow to match the color of your tractor, we're happy to let you know what the difference in cost will be.

The simplicity of the angle feature is the best part of our tractor snow plows. They have a five position manual angle set-up (-25°, -12.5°, 0°, 12.5°, 25°) that allows for quick angle changes without having to spend more money plumbing hydraulics to the front of your tractor. This also helps keep the weight down on our plow attachments. Our plows also have 5" wide reversible cutting edges, and height adjustable skid shoes, making for an overall height of about 16". We have provided a table below with basic details for the standard sizes that we offer. Of course if you are looking for a different size, we are happy to accomodate custom orders as well.

Plow size Cutting edge length Full angle
swath width
Assembled weight Price
5.5'67"60.7"350 lbs $2,600
6'73"66.2"370 lbs $2,650
7'85"77"400 lbs$2,850
8'97"87.9"430 lbs $2,950

If you would like to place an order, you can either give us a call at 603-630-5658 or click on the button below to purchase and pay for your SLF Clamp-on tractor snowplow with float feature right now. Due to the size and weight of our snow plows, you will have to contact us for a shipping quote if shipping is required. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN OUR PRICING. As always, if you are looking for a size or design we do not have listed, we will be happy to fabricate what you need.

As front end loader buckets are all differt, we custom fabricate every clamp-on plow bracket. This ensures proper fitment, keeping the bracket parallel to the bottom of your bucket. With the bracket fitting properly, it will not slide around or damage your bucket when in use. In order for us to fabricate your plow and bracket kit, there are a few dimensions we require from your bucket. Please click on the diagram below to see a full diagram pointing out the dimensions we require. Please be aware that we will also require the overall width of your bucket.

If you need a plow that will fit on multiple buckets, please check out our snow plows with a "snow pusher" bracket design.

Oftentimes, medium and full size loaders have reinforcement plates welded to the bottom of their buckets. If your bucket has reinforcement plates that extend to the cutting edge, and are closer than 27" apart, we require that dimension "B" in the diagram above be measured at the center of the reinforcing plate, directly behind the cutting edge. If the reinforcement plate does not extend to the cutting edge, please provide us with the thickness of the plate itself. Please click on the diagrams below for further explaination of this. We will also require a measurement of the width of the reinforcing plates, as well as the distance separating them. If you are uncertain about this information, please contact us.